The Challenge

Create a conceptual brand identity system for commerical airline Aethar Airways based in Australia.


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Ben Ballantyne - Creative Designer


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Aethar Airways

Aethar Airways is a commercial airline based in Canberra, Australia, intending to bring individuals, tourists, families, and business travelers to their destinations with an attentive service that always goes the extra mile. Modern passengers expect a consistent and personal experience, from booking the flight to when the flight is over. This relationship between the passenger and the airline is vital as buyers are willing to pay more for a customer experience they know they can rely on. Aethar Airways strives to instil trust and reliability between them and the passengers, which adds to the customer experience for which buyers will pay extra. Their passengers' safety, security, and happiness are essential to ensure they have the most comfortable experience.

Go Beyond...

I began developing a bold, modern, and, most importantly, streamlined corporate identity and brand style. I started by designing an abstract icon of a bird symbolising the ability to take flight, move forward, and reach new heights together as an airline.

What's Possible.

To expand on the icon further, I created a background pattern that can be applied to packaging, business cards, IFE Screens, and other mockups. These mockups express the fluidity of the brand style and ensure that passengers feel comfortable, relaxed, entertained, and safe.


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