The Challenge

Devise a brand identity for Lookout, an area of interest based in the heart of Swansea that aims to promote the development of the Swansea Arena, Road Bridge and Coastal Park.


Rivington Hark,
Swansea, South Wales, UK


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects


Ben Ballantyne - Creative Designer
Damien Macpherson - Creative Director


Logo Animation


Lookout is a temporary area that offers an early idea of what you’ll enjoy when the exciting new Swansea City Centre District opens in late 2021. The area of Lookout features VR binoculars that give a conceptual preview of the Oystermouth Bridge, Digital Arena, and Coastal Park. Swansea is infamous for having many developments to further modernise the city and compete with Cardiff City Central.

The Lookout area aims to attract the locals of Swansea and bring excitement and engagement to the new developments. I considered who would use the new Coastal Park and what demographic the digital area would attract, including young adults, local workers, families, tourists, and locals aged 16 - 70.

Welcome to Lookout

I was tasked with designing a logo, hoarding, and background for the Lookout area. The logo is an arrow that looks out through blocks that represent the hoarding while also resembling the letter ‘L’. I also considered how I could attract the target market to the Lookout area by experimenting with logo animation. I animated the eyebrow character to simulate it looking out to help drive engagement in the area.


I conceptualised an app to bring the Lookout Experience to mobile to further strengthen this concept. The client appreciated the concepts and ideas, especially the motion graphic, and could be used in the expansion of Lookout as a brand in the future. The Lookout area was successfully launched by the Swansea City Council leader, Rob Stewart.


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