The Challenge

Create Post/Pre-Release content as a part of Roosevelts marketing campaign for his latest album 'Polydans' with motion reels, artwork, and posters.


Marius Lauber,
Roosevelt, Germany
2020 - 2021


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign


Ben Ballantyne - Creative Designer
Christina Banjo - Creative Director
Always Create - Creative Agency

*'Roosevelt', 'Polydans', 'Strangers' & 'Lovers' logo provided by Roosevelt.


Motion Graphics
Poster Design
Vinyl Packaging


Marius Lauber (Roosevelt) is a dedicated musician who is drawn to all forms of dance music. From yacht rock to Balearic textures, house euphoria to sub-zero techno, it’s the warm emotional touch that drives his music and makes people fall in love with his breakthrough ‘Elliot EP’, outstanding debut album ‘Roosevelt’, bold and addictive follow-up ‘Young Romance’ and his daring forthcoming album ‘Polydans’. His latest release ‘Polydans, comprised five singles, including Feels Right, Strangers, and Lovers. I was approached by Always Create to design a set of motion graphics for their Polydans singles ‘Strangers’ and ‘Lovers’.

Bold / Alive / Melodic / Vibrant / Ethereal

These keywords summarise the visual direction of this project. Roosevelt’s music is meant to make people feel lost in the moment during the catchy and emotional moments of the song. It’s something listeners can dance to, feel inspired, and keep their creative flow going. I aimed to capture the abstract feeling of how music flows through us and visualise his signature modern pop yet 90’s nostalgic sound. It also had to suit his aesthetic but be bold and different from his previous discography.


I was presented a 15 - 20 second snippet of the song, one with instrumental and one with vocals. I felt a sense of a melodic groove coming from the drums and bass, with synths, guitars, and vocals driving the vibrant, ethereal atmosphere forward. To further encapsulate that ‘outer world’ atmosphere, I got the idea of soundwaves moving about as a background aesthetic in a 3D form of movement.

I developed a 15-second teaser without lyrics that was atmospheric soundwaves, which then progressed into a 20-second advert with lyrics, typography, and an 8-second Spotify Canvas. Currently on Spotify, Strangers has over 29,000,000 streams and is his most popular track.


Given the success of Strangers, I was commissioned to create a 20-second advert for Roosevelt's follow-up single to Strangers 'Lovers'. Roosevelt's team wanted to go for heavily vibrant colours that played into the theme of Valentine's Day.

To do this, I created liquid acid visuals with inks, oil and water to symbolise the love of chemistry that felt natural through a DIY setup using a Sony camera to capture the fluid motion. Initially, they rejected the idea of using Valentine's colours, so I heavily recoloured the visuals in After Effects to look similar to the dark purple and red colours of Strangers.

On My Mind/About U

I was commissioned again to create artwork for Roosevelt's follow-up to Polydans with the double single On My Mind / About U, which would be released on vinyl alongside a motion graphic and tour posters.

"Sometimes, I feel like you can't see what's on my mind because it feels like a blur in my head, and I can't get out what I'm trying to say to you"

This conversation with my partner inspired the idea of experimenting with typography and gradients to create atmospheric artwork that symbolised the nature of being unable to see what was on one person's mind. The artwork aimed to capture the atmosphere and sound that can be heard throughout the track, whilst the background colours depict an ethereal and abstract streak of light soaring across the night sky. It can also be noted how the background gradient can represent someone's abstract thoughts, which is a fuzzy blur, making you unable to know who or what's on their mind. The colours may hint at what is happening in that person's mind. Is it love? Memories? Inspired by the 90's art and Polydans record, the colours combined invoke a feeling of warmth, nostalgia and an indication of what entails in 'On My Mind'.


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