The Challenge

Create a brand identity for a local record store based in the town centre of Swansea City.


Gareth Robinson
Swansea Bay Records
Swansea, UK
2019 - 2020


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe XD


*Freelance Commision
Ben Ballantyne as Creative Designer


Brand Identity
Logo Animation
Logo Design

Swansea Bay Records

Swansea Bay Records is a retail store in the Swansea Market that sells excellent quality pre-loved records, CDs, and cassette tapes. Run by a couple who care and value the importance of physical media and vinyl, they aim to bring the music community closer to the music through vinyl by encouraging younger adults to experience the physicality of listening to music the same way the older generation did with their nostalgia for vinyl. To create a broad appeal, they have established a target market of vinyl enthusiasts and those with a passion for music aged 18 - 80.

The Re-Turn of the record

The goals of Swansea Bay Records were to launch the stall in Swansea Market and establish themselves on social media with a refreshed brand identity that reflects the nature of their business. They wanted a simple icon that would strengthen their brand image online and within their stall situated in Swansea Market. I chose to go in a minimal direction with vintage colours that resemble the 50s era of music to appeal to both an older and modern generation of music enthusiasts. I expanded the logo and created a brand identity system of icons to promote their CD and cassette catalogue. This identity system can applied to common user touchpoints such as packaging, merch, and posters as part of their brand identity.

Conceptual Website

Since the rebrand, their business has expanded with more stock and moving out of the stall and into their shop. They have a well-established social media presence and are recognised as a lovely, friendly shop with records in excellent condition.

I was later commissioned to develop their website and only got as far as developing wireframes. However, plans were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused financial problems for independent shops in Swansea.


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