The Challenge

Create a simple visual identity for The AdsLab that strikes trust and confidence in efforts to create a sub brand as part of PDOCS Lab.


Adam Lucerne
The AdsLab


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects


Ben Ballantyne - Creative Designer


Logo Design
Brand Identity
Poster Design
Logo Animation

The AdsLab

The AdsLab is a subscription-based model based on PDOCS Lab, an online service that aims to help train clients to advertise their business and expand their customer base for future growth.  Built out of frustration from the oversaturation of advertising businesses, the AdsLab want to clear the clutter and instil trust and confidence to help professional entrepreneurs looking for a service that increases financial growth and creates a place in the market that sets them apart from their competitors.

Ladder To Success

‘Ladder To Success’ - “When we speak of a ladder this way, it represents a series of steps or stages that leads to a higher or better position. As you climb the ladder, you become more successful.”

Inspired by this phrase, the icon is an abstract letter ‘A’, with the shapes separated to symbolise an ascending ladder. As a logo, it identifies what the service intends to do and provides the steps and stages to help clients reach their goals and needs.

Step Into New Opportunities

The overall logo has a block visual style that is minimal and modern, aiming to achieve a sleek and technological look that cuts through the clutter to instil trust and confidence in the client's needs. Its symbolic nature was built out of the frustration of how oversaturated the market is with tools that don't help the client. The AdsLab wants to help clients climb that ladder, as it's part of a stepping stone to success.


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