The Challenge

Create a logo that reflects the handmade and luxurious nature of Mayra Alpaca Clothing, including a homepage design and a half A4 page advert.


Plum Design & Advertising
Llangyfelach, Morriston
Swansea, 2018
Competition Brief


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD


Ben Ballantyne - Creative Design
Plum Design - Creative Agency


Logo Design
Print Design
UX/UI Design

Mayra Alpaca Clothing

Mayra Alpaca Clothing is a fashion brand based in Wales specialising in creating high-end clothing made from alpaca wool. Marya aims to market their products to middle-class and higher-paying consumers who can easily afford higher quality expensive clothing. The diverse range of Alpaca clothes creates a broad appeal, from young adults to fashion enthusiasts, who are between the ages of 18 and 50. Mayra wants a visual identity instilling interest and trust to compete with the higher-end, quality clothing brands such as Gucci, Harrolds, Chanel, etc.

Made In Wales

In response to this brief, I set out to create a high-end visual identity that is luxurious, unique, and contemporary. I chose a serif typeface, which I reworked to give a sophisticated and premium look and feel that appeals to the target market.

Handcrafted From Nature

I used sourced images tailored to suit the sophisticated tone of the brand. The logo was also further expanded by creating a background pattern using the letter 'M' from it. The products are all handmade from Alpaca wool, which gave the slogan 'Handcrafted From Nature'.


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